The SunBug

Somewhere in the Pacific on a remote tropical island, the shy little SunBug awakes from his deep burrow hidden beneath the leaf litter. The sun is out and it feels just warm enough for him to begin his epic journey. His destination? The forest canopy where he hopes to find his true love and soul mate.

But many dangers lie in wait along the way. Ant armies, Spider Monkeys and Green crested woodpeckers are all to be avoided. Not to mention the torrential downpours which could wash him right away. He has to be BOLD, he is. He has to be BRAVE, he is. And he must tread CAREFULLY, he does.

Then before he knows it, he’s there, he’s made it to the tree tops and can see far across the forest. Bright sunshine lights up his iridescent shell. He looks magnificent, resplendent. He takes a look back down through the leaves and branches from where he came, he takes a gulp, opens his wings and leaps towards the sun in search of the one he will spend the rest of his life.